Distorted Reality

This is what we've been up to during lock-down.

SPRING CG CHALLENGE! - "Learn a new outside your normal daily activity but still CG related and animated.

Programs Used: Daz, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Cinema 4D, X-Particles, Octane, RNDR, After Effects and Photoshop that contains this content.

A massive thanks to Andrey Lebrov
for setting this challenge.

A friend of mine, Jack Rodgers / @jrdesign.97 is a talented designer and illustrator who sent over some amazing designs we are hoping to later be made into t-shirts, and maybe a series.

I wanted to feature said artwork in a short promo video and RND project of creating a short animation over the period of a week which had detailed geometry and interesting aesthetics whilst trying to dive deeper into some programs I had only touched on, and also learning new ones from scratch. element to ensure the content looks right on every device. It’s centered with the class “Centered Container.”

Check out Andrey Lebrov's YouTube channel here.

3D Character

Thanks to the guys over at RNDR!Hopefully the above video shows how simple the process is. Without RNDR I wouldn't have been able to be able to render this animation.for setting this challenge.